Dropzone 3 Updates


Time for some news and updates regarding Dropzone 3.

The launch was a great success. Apple featured the app on the front page of the Mac App Store in the ‘Best New Apps’ category and Dropzone made it to the #1 paid app in the productivity category. I’m also super thrilled that you’ve given Dropzone 3 a perfect five star rating on the Mac App Store. Thanks so much for your incredible support!


Meanwhile, I have been coding non-stop and have already released several big maintenance updates to Dropzone 3. The latest version is Dropzone 3.2.1 and it is being released right now as a Sparkle update if you use the non-Mac App Store version. The Mac App Store version of Dropzone is currently still 3.2.0. Version 3.2.1 will be released on the App Store in the next week or two after App Store approval. You can update from the Updates tab in the Dropzone 3 preferences if you’re running the non-Mac App Store version.

If you’re using the Mac App Store version and want to get the 3.2.1 update now you can switch to the non-Mac App Store version by downloading it from here and moving it to your applications folder replacing your existing App Store version. When you run it, it will detect you purchased already on the Mac App Store and register you automatically. Full details on this process are given here. Note that you have to run the Mac App Store version at least once first for this transition to work.

As well as many general fixes, Dropzone 3.2.x adds preliminary Yosemite support. There are still a few Yosemite related bugs, but I’m working through them and expect to have Yosemite fully supported on time for its release.


I will also be announcing some new actions for Dropzone later this week.
Full release notes for 3.2.1 and 3.2.0 are provided below:
Updates in Dropzone 3.2.1

  • Added RubyPath action metadata field so you can bring your own ruby
  • ActionFile metadata field values now get trimmed of whitespace during parsing
  • Fixed rare issue where grid did not animate opening the grid correctly
  • Fixed issue where the copy action would move instead of copy if destination was on external drive
  • Added new $dz.inputbox API method
  • Added new $dz.read_clipboard API method to get contents of clipboard
  • Added a SkipValidation metadata field to make OptionsNIB fields optional
  • Fixed issue where rsync lib would call $dz.begin with the same message multiple times
  • Fixed issue where the Save Text action would not work with certain filenames or folder names
  • Made the MinimumVersion metadata field work
  • Made the CurlUploader library more flexible
  • Made $dz.finish optional
  • Now shows unzipping progress when installing a zipped action bundle
  • Fixed a memory leak when tasks were run
  • Added a field to specify the Amazon S3 server endpoint
  • Added a GoogleAuth OptionsNIB
  • Added a Follow on Twitter and mailing list subscribe to the splash screen

Updates in Dropzone 3.2.0

  • Preliminary OS X 10.10 support
  • Fixed issue where where going to full screen app caused dragging to menu item to stop working under 10.8
  • Made dragging items to the menu item smoother and more reliable
  • Fixed issue where hyphens were not being allowed in S3 bucket names
  • Fixed crash when copying an action and having an empty name, creator URL or description
  • Added back Install Application OptionsNIB
  • You can now use the option key in toggle grid shortcut
  • Made it so ENV[‘path’] gets set in user actions as well as ENV[‘EXTRA_PATH’]
  • Fixed issue where upload URL was not being quoted properly in curl_uploader.rb lib
  • Now sets http_proxy and https_proxy when running tasks so command line tools such as curl will use proxy if required

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