Dropzone 3.5

Dropzone 3.5 takes Dropzone to a whole new level.
Read about the update here.

Share with services like AirDrop, Imgur, FTP, Amazon S3, Twitter, Facebook and many more.
Once you integrate Dropzone into your workflow, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Available on the Mac App Store for only $4.99.

Also available for purchase from our online store.

Requires Mac OS X 10.9 or later.

Download Dropzone 3.5 Press Kit

New in Dropzone 3

Add actions fast

Add actions from the intuitive new drop down menu or just drag a folder or app onto the Add to Grid area and it’s added to your grid and ready to go.

Organize your grid easily by drag and drop

Drag your actions around to reorder them. Hold the the option key to remove actions. A familiar interface that makes Dropzone easier and more fun to use.

Updated task progress display

Progress display is now shown using a gorgeous new interface in the Dropzone grid. You can also see task progress at a glance in the new animated menu item.

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Drop Bar

Stash files temporarily in your Drop Bar and then drag them off onto other apps or Dropzone actions when you’re ready to use them. Merge groups of files together by dropping them onto each other.

You can also use them as quick shortcuts to open files you know you’ll need later.

And much more...

Notification Center Support

See when your tasks finish at a glance with OS X notification center support.

AirDrop Support

Drag and drop files from anywhere onto the new AirDrop action to share with other Macs. So much faster than trying to find AirDrop in the Finder sidebar.

Imgur Uploading

Easily share images with Dropzone using the built in Imgur sharing service. Drop images onto the Imgur action and a link will be put on your clipboard.

OS X Sharing Services Integration

Easily share with Twitter, Flickr, Facebook or Messages using the all new OS X sharing service integration.

More info about the new features in our launch announcement

Massive developer API upgrade

Dropzone is now one of the most extendable apps available for the Mac.
Install and update actions faster thanks to a brand new auto-updater system.

Use the new Develop Action... menu item to design and create new actions in a few clicks. The new and improved Debug Console makes it faster to develop and debug your actions.

With a little Ruby knowledge you’ll be thinking up your own uses for Dropzone in no time.

We can’t wait to see what you make.

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