Should I buy Dropzone on the Mac App Store?

You can either purchase Dropzone via the Mac App Store or directly from our website.
Unfortunately there are currently a few downsides to purchasing Dropzone on the Mac App Store:

  • We can't offer you discounted upgrades when the next major version of Dropzone is released.
    Our business relies on releasing a major paid update every so often and rewarding our existing loyal customers by providing the update to them at a significant discount, but there's no way to do this when selling via the Mac App Store. Instead we have to pull the old version of the app from the store and release a completely new app leaving all existing customers stranded on the old version with no path to buy the upgrade. Paid upgrades have been asked for by developers again and again but we're four years on from the launch of the Mac App Store now and unfortunately it seems that Apple has decided not to allow developers to offer this. If you purchase from us directly then you can use your serial for a discounted upgrade when the next major version of Dropzone is released.
  • All apps on the Mac App Store have to run sandboxed for security reasons. While the general motivation behind sandboxing makes sense, there are some major issues around sandboxing that cause problems for workflow orientated apps like Dropzone. Due to these sandboxing restrictions, the Mac App Store version of Dropzone is slightly crippled compared to the version downloaded direct from us. The differences between the two versions are explained further here. To use all the features of Dropzone, it's easiest to download and purchase a license directly from us.

There are some other more minor issues around the Mac App Store, such as our inability to respond to customer reviews, provide a free trial or refund customers but these are minor inconveniences compared to the above two issues. If Apple addresses these issues then we'll be happy to again recommend customers purchase via the Mac App Store, but for now you'll have the best experience if you buy a license and download Dropzone from us directly.

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