How to Register Dropzone 4 Pro Lifetime

Fixing a Registration Details Invalid message

In some cases, you may receive a Registration Details Invalid error box. There are a number of things you can try to fix this:

  • First make certain the serial you pasted into the Serial # field is the same as what we sent you. A Dropzone serial is in the format
    XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX - It is not case sensitive. It's best to copy the serial from the email you got by selecting it in the email, pressing Cmd-C (copy), then switching back to Dropzone and then pressing Cmd-V (paste) once the cursor is flashing in the Serial # field. Check you didn't accidentally paste in extra spaces.
  • Another common reason the registration can fail is if you accidentally paste the serial number in twice.
  • Dropzone contacts our server to verify your license so you must be connected to the internet for registration to work.
  • Are you running any firewall software such as LittleSnitch that could be blocking the connection to our server? If so disable it and try registering again.
  • Sometimes rebooting your Mac and trying to register again can resolve this.

If you're still stuck, there's an alternative method you can use to register. Put your serial number in the box below and click the Download License File button.


A file named dropzone4-license.txt will be downloaded. After downloading this file, close Dropzone and relaunch it. Dropzone looks for the dropzone4-license.txt file first in your Downloads folder and then on your Desktop - Make sure the dropzone4-license.txt file is placed in one of these folders. Dropzone should find the license file and complete the registration upon relaunch.

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