Dropzone 2.1 Hits the Mac App Store

I’m thrilled to announce that Dropzone 2 is a huge success.

Apple featured Dropzone on the frontpage of the App Store worldwide for a week and the app made it into the top 10 productivity apps in most countries, including the US store.

This was a dream come true for me. There’s so many talented developers competing for attention on the App Store and for Apple to show Dropzone in the most prominent position available is really exciting.

Many new customers discovered Dropzone and I received an overwhelming amount of feedback. One thing is clear – Everyone loves Circles!

Most of the requests I received were for more Circles and the ability to move the Circles between the left and the right of the screen. Dropzone 2.1 has just been approved by Apple and adds both of these. You can now add an extra Circle and there’s an option to choose which side of the screen Circles should be on as well.

The update is free to all existing Mac App Store users and you can upgrade from the Updates section of the App Store app. I hope you like it!

If you’re new to Dropzone, you should check out the newly added User Guide. It will help you get acquainted with the app. I’ve also recently also recently added a guide to setting up Amazon S3 in Dropzone which is now available here.

I’m already hard at work on the next version of Dropzone and I can’t wait to share more great features with you soon.

Here’s a complete rundown of changes in 2.1:

-You can now add 5 Circles instead of 4

-Added an option to choose which side of the screen Circles shows on

-Fixed a bug where Circles would not function with only one Circle added

-Fixed an issue in the ScriptBridge where unicode text was not handled correctly

-Fixed an issue where the Zip & Email destination would hang in some cases

-Fixed issue where ImageShack destination was missing

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