Install Actions

Below are add-ons for Dropzone. Click the Install button to add them to your grid.
You can also develop your own actions for Dropzone. Check out the developer documentation here.

YouTube Downloader

Allows you to quickly download videos from YouTube and many other video sites. Downloaded videos are placed in the chosen folder.

Install Application

Drop an application disk image and it will be mounted, installed and ejected. The application will then be launched.

Zip Files

Zips up the dropped files or folders and places the zip file in the chosen folder.

Create DMG File

Creates a DMG file with dropped files and places it on the Desktop.
Holding the Option key while dragging creates an encrypted DMG.


Dropped files will be printed. If you have multiple printers, you will be prompted for which printer you wish to use.

YouTube Uploader

Uploads dragged videos to YouTube.

Image Search

Dropped images will be searched for using Google Image Search.

Search Mac App Store

Searches the Mac App Store for apps with names containing the dragged text or the text on the clipboard when clicked.

Finder Path

Click on this action to copy the path of the currently selected item in the Finder to the clipboard.


Starts the screensaver.

Say Text

Text dragged onto this action will be read aloud to you.
Click the action to read text on the clipboard.

Desktop Picture

A dropped image will be set as the current desktop background.

Open Terminal at Path

Drop a file or folder on this action to open a new Terminal window at the files path. You can also drop a textual path.

Mail Link

Drag and drop a link onto this action and a new email will be created in with the link.

Mail Link Using Thunderbird

Drag and drop a link onto this action and a new email will be created in Thunderbird with the link.

Send iMessage With Attachment to Phone Number

Send an iMessage with a file attachment to a preset phone number.
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