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Hey All,

New here, I did a bit of quick searches and I was saddened to see nobody had made requests for themes support yet. MAC's in general are full of great developers and people who love changing the look of their world. I would LOVE to see skin/theme support in Dropzone. The Ability to change the look of the circles that way we could say, have squares =0 or diamonds, and make them look nice.

Re: Themes Support

People have themed Dropzone in the past by simply replacing the images in the Dropzone bundle, see below for example.

I agree it would be nice to take this to the next level and allow a theme to be selected through the preferences or something of this sort. I will think about this for future versions.

Thanks for the feedback!

Re: Themes Support

hey, is it something minor that can be edited so i can drop in my own @2x retina images for the circles and such? i can get at the actual images within the bundle. but i'm not sure how to get the app to recognize that they're retina images that need to be scaled down.