Topic: Issue with attachment and Mail

I don't know if anyone else has this issue but when I use the circles on the right to add an attachment to an email I get the message box that says "Creating message with attachment" and it doesn't go away. It adds the attachment but the status bar on the message keeps scrolling making me wonder if the attachment was fully added. Seems to have worked fine but I have to X out of that message box. Anyone experience this? Is there a fix? Thanks!

Re: Issue with attachment and Mail

Found a fix: Anyone else with this issue can go here - … s.dropzone and run that script to replace the current one.

Re: Issue with attachment and Mail

Thanks ivanlozano, but unfortunately that won't fix it.

I've been looking into this and it's due to a bug in the Zip & Email destination. I've just submitted Dropzone 2.1 to the Mac App Store and it should fix this issue.