Topic: Zamzar Conversion

Would it be at all possible to use the Zamzar Conversion API ( to add a file conversion feature? This could conceivably be one of the most useful additions to the grid since Zamzar handles most file types.

Re: Zamzar Conversion

Hmmm. I have to admit that looks very interesting indeed. Thanks for showing me that. Of course being a paid service I suppose users would need their own Zamzar accounts which I guess is the only downside.

But I will have a play around with their API and see if an action could be easily made for Dropzone.

Re: Zamzar Conversion

Hi John,
Thanks for the reply. The cost is a problem--it looks like Zamzar offers custom plans (see link below), so maybe you could collaborate with them to get a commercial license for Dropzone? Maybe you could charge users a small fee for the feature, possibly as an in-app purchase; if enough people bought it, as I'm sure they would, the license could pay for itself. Let me know if I can help at all.