Topic: Folders/Apps: monitor file system events for renaming

I'm a new Dropzone 3 user and I like it very much. Nevertheless, I noticed one inconvenience: it seems that the items in the Folders/Apps bar are symlinks (or something similar in functionality), so if I rename the original folder, the corresponding item in the Folders/Apps bar won't work anymore. This is especially damaging when I have multiple items under the same renamed directory tree — all of them will cease to work. Is it possible to monitor file system events so that when a folder is renamed, the corresponding Folders/Apps bar items (including subdirectories) are automatically updated to reflect the change? I know this use case is rather rare (it's mainly useful when I'm performing some quick 'n dirty re-organization of the file system), so please feel free to dismiss this request. Thanks.

Re: Folders/Apps: monitor file system events for renaming

Yeah, I agree that's not ideal. I will definitely look at implementing something so that renamed folders auto-update to point to the new location in a future version. Thanks for the feedback.