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Hi John,

what about making it easier to integrate Mac Automator Scripts into the Dropzone workflow?

Like you are able to select "Open Application" to also open Automator Scripts (or Applications) a little bit easier.

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Definitely. I will consider this for a future version smile

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Was digging around online to try and figure out why my Automator app would not work from Dropzone.

Would love to see this work sooner than later as I make a lot of Automator apps and scripts and love Dropzone. If I could combine them - ultimate workflow!!

Keep up the great tool!

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Why does it not work for you?

You have to select it as "application to start"...

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Re: Automator "integration"

I was adding a .app Automator app I made by selecting add from Dropzone, and selecting 'open application', and then choosing my .app. Is that not the correct way to do it?

Edit: Sorry, I'm on 10.9.2