Topic: Add blanks/spaces to grid.

I would love to see the ability to add blank spaces to the Folders/Apps section.
I like to add various folder and apps, but I would like to have just folders in the same line, but when you currently select an item it automatically goes to the next available slot rather than the next line.
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Re: Add blanks/spaces to grid.

OK, thanks for the feedback. What I'm considering doing is adding a hidden default that adds a blank space action as an option to the add action popup menu in the top left. Most people probably won't use this feature and I'd rather not have it as a permanent item as it may cause some confusion, but for those who want it it does seem like a useful idea.

I will look at this for the next few versions, right now I'm still dealing with a lot of Yosemite related bugs.

Re: Add blanks/spaces to grid.

That'd be great John, it'd be good to know something like this would be a possible option for a future build.

Thank you,