Topic: Difference between DZ3 MAS and Aptonic Store

I have DZ2 from the MAS and I see you are offering DZ3 on the MAS for a discount for now. Would have prefered to move to the Aptonic Store version because of the more frequent updates. But wanted to ask if there any other differences between the two store versions?

Re: Difference between DZ3 MAS and Aptonic Store

Dropzone 3 from the Mac App Store runs sandboxed so certain actions that use AppleScript or write to arbitrary folders aren't compatible with it. But it doesn't really matter whether you buy the App Store or non-App Store version because if you buy the App Store version then you can still run the non-App Store version and it will detect you purchased on the App Store and auto-register (note you have to run the App Store version at least once for this to work). So you can switch between the two versions at any time.

This is described in detail at: