Topic: setting is missing few things

hi i got this app on App Store and i think its a great app, can i ask for some extra options please,

in the settings by Grid icon size slider , need extra "slider for text size" (as visually chops a lot letters away when long file names)

and on circles from side screen needs settings for icon size i.e.  slider & font size slider because  the bottom circle is way close to edge to have a normal file name length

Best regards Ricky

Re: setting is missing few things

Thanks for the feedback! Will certainly consider this for future versions.

Re: setting is missing few things

another thing I have noticed is that when something finishes [not sure it's all the time] there's a notification bar in upper right corner = can we select not to have one or at least limit the time it's up there???  It doesn't seem to be a Growl or Notification Center thing so I think it's within DropZone3 itself...which, by the way, I just discovered and like it already.

Re: setting is missing few things

It is a Notification Center notification so you should be able to customize this via Notifications settings in System Preferences.