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What a great little app! I love it!

One glitch that I encountered was that the app got stuck in the popup function. It kept on popping up everytime I did something. Opening folder, trying to open app, spotlight search, etc. Do you know what can cause this?



Re: DZ gets stuck

Thanks! Glad you like it.

Is this the grid or circles popping up over and over? There was a bug like this with Circles in an earlier version of Dropzone but it has been fixed. What version of Dropzone are you running? For the Mac App Store version you can check this by right clicking the app in the Finder and doing Get Info or for the non-Mac App Store version you can check from the Updates tab in the preferences. The latest version of Dropzone is currently 2.8.5.

If you're running the latest version and it does it again it would be great if you could use QuickTime to capture a screen recording of this happening to send me. I might be able to figure out the issue from that.

Re: DZ gets stuck

Hi John,

Just updated the last version 2.8.5 this morning. Circles were popping up. But when I tried to quit thru the grid I had the grid also closing on me.

I will make a screencast with screenflow to show you when it happens again.


Re: DZ gets stuck

Great, thanks! Yes a screencast would be very helpful. You can either link it here or email to