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I would like to upload a file to an Amazon S3 private bucket and then get a pre-signed URL with an expiration of 24 hours.  I usually use another app to do this, but I would like to start doing this with DropZone instead.  It looks like Dropzone doesn't support this out of the box.  Is there a way to do this with extensions?


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I wasn't aware that you could do that with S3. That's a cool feature!

There isn't an extension currently, but I will think about it for the future.

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Here's an example that might help:

I'm looking at your "Amazon  S3.dropzone" script now to see if I can modify it, but I don't think I know enough about Ruby.

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I'm also really interested in this feature, its something that cyberduck allows and can be really useful for sharing files you don't want to be public for long.