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I'm a longtime user of Dropzone and really enjoy it. With the latest 1Password update, the 1Password Mini menubar app shows a weird interaction with Dropzone. Whenever Dropzone (MAS version) is running, if I open the 1Password Mini menu to navigate the database, it loses the focus about one second after activation. So this means I open the menu, start navigating, one second later it deselects whatever I have selected and I must start all over again.

It turns out this only happens when Dropzone is running. As soon as I quit Dropzone, the behaviour is gone. Do you have any idea what this could be?


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Hi Rrjqubx,

Thanks! Glad you like the app. I'm an avid 1Password user myself (although I wasn't using the mini menubar). After enabling the mini menubar I'm having the same issue as well. A quick search through the Dropzone source code for timers and I've found the issue. It's actually something new in Mavericks I added to work around an OS X bug with dual screens.

I'll investigate further and hopefully have an update for you on this shortly.

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Oh, that is awesome! I'm glad you found the source of this so easily! Thanks, I'll be waiting!

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I've just released an update (Dropzone 2.8.3) that fixes this issue.

If you're running the non-Mac App Store version, you can click on the Updates tab in the Dropzone Preferences and then click the Check Now button to upgrade.

If on the Mac App Store version you can either wait about a week for Apple to approve the update or you can switch to the Non-Mac App Store version by downloading it at (It's the same but gets updates faster).

Email me if you need a license for the non-Mac App Store version.

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Hello John,

I just updated Dropzone in the MAS. Thanks for fixing the issue! It works perfectly now. Thanks again! big_smile

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Excellent! Thanks for reporting back. Great to know it's definitely fixed.

If you feel like it sometime, a positive review on the App Store is always hugely appreciated smile

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i just updated to 2.8.3 via MAS and still have the same issue sad
I use the latest 1PW version: 4.0.8

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Hi lopen -

One thing I've noticed is that if you move the mouse with the 1PW Mini menu open then it loses focus. This happens regardless of whether Dropzone is open or not. This is an issue in 1PW mini and not with Dropzone.

Could this be the issue you're seeing here? I'm running the latest version of 1PW 4 (Version 4.0.9) and I'm pretty sure the original issue (mini losing focus after a second with Dropzone open) is fixed. You may want to close Dropzone and verify that it's not really an issue with 1PW.

If you still think it's a Dropzone issue, please record a short screencast showing the issue and link here. I've been proved wrong before!

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[-]Unfortunately everything works flawless, when i close Dropzone.
I only use my Shortcut "cmd + #" to open it (no mouse)[/-]

//edit never mind!
i currently happens with Dropzone closed, too!

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OK, yeah - this is something to email the makers of 1PW about.

The Dropzone issue is definitely fixed.

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thank you for your great support!

I dropped them a note: … esn-t-work  (but they are helpless wink )

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Great, no problems smile