Topic: Copying clipboard to Dropzone

Wondering if it's possible to capture whatever's in the clipboard when clicking a destination in Dropzone. Currently, things like the Bitly drop seems to only work when I drag the URL from the browser to the dropzone. Would love if copying the link to my clipboard and clicking on it would have effect (or even better, do that with a keyboard shortcut). Dropzone is already a lifesaver, figuring this out would make it even better.

Re: Copying clipboard to Dropzone

I really like that idea. I've updated the destination so that clicking it now shortens a URL on the clipboard (if there is one).

Here's a link to the updated extension: … y.dropzone

Download and double click to install. It should overwrite your existing version.

Key triggers are something that is high on my feature wish list for Dropzone 3. We'll see wink