I spent almost 2 days on this issue, but still not getting solution. Please reply as soon as possible.

Using rails application, I am trying to upload more than 5 images at a time and the maxFiles is set to 8. I am using carrierwave and dropzonejs-rails gems to upload files. When I select 5 images and upload, getting success callback but not getting any callback for 6 images after uploading to S3. Have a look at below my dropzone configurations

paramName: 'file',
uploadMultiple: true,
maxFiles: 8,
maxFilesize: 5,
addRemoveLinks: true,
autoProcessQueue: false,
parallelUploads: 8,
acceptedFiles: '.jpeg,.jpg,.png,.gif',
dictMaxFilesExceeded: "Maximum upload limit reached",
url: '/upload_equipment_images',
method: 'post',
dictInvalidFileType: "upload only JPG/PNG/GIF",