thank you for your quick response. I discovered that when I changed to the non MAS version, my bundle was in the sandboxed folder so I created a new bundle and the folder was not sandboxed any more. When I created a new bundle and copied my code, all went fine.


I plan to execute a shell script when I drop a file to DZ. As I am running a non MAS version I still get errors that the script cannot be executed (same goes with swift executables or any other executables).
The scripts are bundles with the plugin so they are in the same folder like the "action.rb" ruby file.

Invocation goes like

 $dz.begin("Starting some task...")
  # Below line switches the progress display to determinate mode so we can show progress
  output = `` #is executable (755)
  puts $?.success?
  puts "output is #{output}"

  # Below lines tell Dropzone to update the progress bar display

Error shows up like

/Users/tso/Library/Application Support/Dropzone 3/Actions/Confluence Upload.dzbundle/action.rb:38:in `exec': No such file or directory - /Users/tso/Library/Containers/com.aptonic.Dropzone3/Data/Library/Application (Errno::ENOENT)
    from /Users/tso/Library/Application Support/Dropzone 3/Actions/Confluence Upload.dzbundle/action.rb:38:in `dragged'
    from /Users/tso/Applications/Dropzone `call'
    from /Users/tsoApplications/Dropzone `<main>'

So any help will be greatly appreciated.