I had a little play and have a script based on the standard FTP one but when I add three small files it doesn't wait between files so not sure where I need to pause in the loop (so to speak).

# Dropzone Action Info
# Name: FTP Upload Copy
# Description: Allows files to be uploaded to a remote FTP server.
# Handles: Files
# Creator: Aptonic Software
# URL: http://aptonic.com
# OptionsNIB: ExtendedLogin
# Events: Dragged, TestConnection
# KeyModifiers: Option
# SkipConfig: No
# RunsSandboxed: Yes
# Version: 1.0
# MinDropzoneVersion: 3.0

$host_info = {:server    => ENV['server'],
              :port      => ENV['port'],
              :username  => ENV['username'],
              :password  => ENV['password']}

def dragged
  delete_zip = false
  items = $items
  $dz.begin("Starting transfer...")
  remote_paths = FTP.do_upload(items, ENV['remote_path'], $host_info)
  # ZipFiles.delete_zip(items) if delete_zip
  # Put URL of uploaded file on pasteboard
  finish_text = "Upload Complete"
  if remote_paths.length == 1
    filename = remote_paths[0].split(File::SEPARATOR)[-1].strip
    if ENV['root_url'] != nil
      slash = (ENV['root_url'][-1,1] == "/" ? "" : "/")
      url = ENV['root_url'] + slash + filename
      finish_text = "URL is now on clipboard"
      url = filename
    url = false
  sleep 600

def test_connection


I have just purchased DropZone as it looks like a nice programme and I love the idea of the scripting options.

I have been looking at the FTP script as what I am trying to create is a script that uploads a file to a ftp server, waits 5 minutes and then starts the next transfer.  Its important that it only uploads one file at a time and then waits long enough for the script on the other end to start processing.

Can I simple add some kind of pause to the default script?

Anyone got any ideas or suggestions?