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since the way we do things now will be disabled soon.

whiteside wrote:

Looks like this may need to be a higher priority, based on the email I got from Imageshack just today:

Over the recent months we have made many changes and improvements to ImageShack. We have made the site faster and much more user friendly. We have also decided to move away from displaying ads on our pages. In return, we now ask our customers for a very small fee to use our service. This change will also affect our API users starting Martch 1st. Specifically, uploads of new images into free accounts will be disabled. If you have an app that uses ImageShack's upload API, you need to make sure your developer key is associated with a business account.

Wow so there Disabling free accounts So the way we dropZone images to DZ will no longer work..?

Would be nice to have a system where we can upload & it'll ask to which folder, Or gives a list of folders with-in the account & you click the folder you'd like it to Drop into..

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I know this is Old, However how would i start to make this using Google images,
Do they have an API system for the public to make something like this.

I know they have an API system, but not sure if it'll work here. ?