I'd love a way to sync actions / prefs between multiple computers, via Dropbox, iCloud, or something.


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posting link here b/c this should probably be a feature request -

https://aptonic.com/forum/topic/162/mov … om-finder/

Maybe I've gotten spoiled by Alfred, but in Alfred when one uses a Move File action, it gets added to the Finder's undo/redo stack and can be undone in the Finder.  So what I'm suggesting is possible.

In Dropzone it doesn't - so if accidentally drop a file on the wrong icon, and I see that it hasn't appeared in the destination, I need to manually search for it, rather than just undoing the move in the Finder.

Would it be possible for Dropzone, when one Moves or Copies a file, to add that action to the Finder history so that it can be easily undone?