Hi Ward,

Thanks glad you're enjoying the app!

Here's the release notes for 4.2.0: https://aptonic.com/sparkle4/releasenotes/4.2.0.html

But I agree there should be a section to view these. I will add to my TODO list.


The unsandboxed version of Dropzone 4 is now available both via Setapp and direct from our website at the below link:


The only sandboxed version of Dropzone 4 is the Mac App Store version which is available at this link:

The non-Mac App Store version of Dropzone 4 also provides a lifetime purchase option for $35 USD whereas the Mac App Store version requires a $1.99USD subscription to unlock all features. The non-Mac App Store version direct from us is the preferred version due to the lack of sandboxing enabling more features and also because it provides the lifetime purchase option allowing more flexibility if you decide you'd like to upgrade to pro (thanks!).

Thanks for the extra info. I will look at improving support for SMB and AFP in a future version. In the meantime you may be able to setup a script to run on login to mount these shares which would make them work Dropzone.

No problems - I have attached a modified version of the Zip Files action that zips in place rather than having to pre-select a destination folder. You can download this from here: https://aptonic123.s3.amazonaws.com/Zip … 0Place.zip

Once you download, unzip it and then double click the extracted .dzbundle to add it to your grid. Then drag some files or a folder onto the action and a zip archive will be created with those files and/or folders in the same location with the provided name.

Regarding the shared folder issue, which kind of file share is this? Is this a volume shared from a windows machine?


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This issue is now fixed. If you update to Dropzone 4.1.7 (can be downloaded from https://aptonic.com/dropzone/latest) then clicking the icon will work again as expected.

This update is now out. If you update to Dropzone 4.1.7 the Resize Images action will now support HEIC images.

I have fixed this and there will be update out within a week that contains the fix. It was just a matter of adding the HEIC file extension to the list of allowed extensions for the Resize Images action.

Thanks for the report George!


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Please upgrade to Dropzone 4. This can't be fixed in Dropzone 3.

The non-Mac App Store versions (Setapp or direct from us) of Dropzone 4 will migrate your actions from Dropzone 3 to Dropzone 4 automatically, however the Mac App Store version of Dropzone 4 will not be able to do this automatically due to sandboxing. If you email support@aptonic.com I may be able to provide a discount for you for the non-Mac App Store version of Dropzone 4 so you can have your actions auto-migrated.


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Hey there, I've just tried to replicate this myself and linking YouTube accounts with the YouTube Uploader action seems to be working as expected for me. Would you mind checking if this is still a problem and if it is please post a screenshot of the error? Please let me know the Dropzone version you tested under and also whether it was the Mac App Store or non-Mac App Store version of Dropzone and also whether you're using a proxy.

That will help me hunt this down. Thanks.

From that video everything is working 100% as expected. You're trying to drop a textual URL onto a file based action. You could drop the URL on an action that handles text, such as the Shorten URL action but it doesn't make sense to try and drop text onto the downloads action.

And nope, no-one else has mentioned anything about getting spam after signing up to the forum. We hide email addresses of forum users anyway so there's noway anyone could get your email address from this forum.

Thanks for the ideas. Hot folder is a cool idea and so is a WeTransfer action. Will consider these for future versions!

This isn't a thing anymore. It was a bug that was fixed years ago. Maybe try a reboot and if the issue persists please include a link to a video of this occurring.


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The API docs are here: https://github.com/aptonic/dropzone4-ac … /README.md

Also, a good way to start is to right click an action in the grid and choose 'Copy and Edit Script' which will let you edit the actions source and make changes.

Thanks for posting those logs. I notice from the log that you're running Dropzone 4.0.7. Are you able to update to the latest version of Dropzone (currently 4.1.2) and seeing if you still have the issue?

It's also possible that you could be on an outdated version of the YouTube Uploader action. To check you have the latest version of this can you please open the Dropzone preferences by clicking on the white settings gear in the top right of the Dropzone grid and then choose 'Preferences' from the menu. Then in the 'Cloud Actions' tab click the 'Check for Updates' button and then verify that the version number of the YouTube Uploader action is 2.4.

The Google Drive action is bundled with Dropzone so as long as you are running the latest version of the app then it should work as expected.

Let me know how you get on.

Glad you got it working, and thanks for the information on the slowness of opening the grid when adding shift into the service key shortcut. The reason for the slowness opening the grid when you hold shift is that there is some logic in Dropzone which slows the speed of the animation (you can see this also if you hold shift and click on the Dropzone menu item). This is standard behaviour in macOS and happens when you open/close Dock stacks as well. However in this case when triggering Dropzone via the macOS service this shouldn't happen. I am going to add some logic in one of the next few versions that disables the slow animation when multiple modifier keys are held now that you've reported this as it is unwanted behaviour.

Yep you can do that. Dropzone automatically registers itself as a macOS service which allows you to send files into Dropzone from other apps. To use this feature you can press Ctrl+Option+Cmd+D with the file or files you want to send to Dropzone selected in the Finder. The keyboard shortcut used is configurable in the macOS system preferences under System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Select Services in the left hand pane.

I've also uploaded a video showing how to use this feature here (made to show how to use this for Dropzone 3 but the feature works the same in Dropzone 4):


(Linked at the relevant timestamp so you don't have to watch the whole thing)

Hope that helps!

Would you be able to paste me the output of the Dropzone 4 debug console after the failed Google Drive or YouTube upload? You can get this by opening the grid and then clicking the settings gear in the top right corner and choosing 'Debug Console' from the menu.


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Please email support@aptonic.com


Just to update you on this, Dropzone 4.1.2 is out now with this fix included (there were a few updates actually in the meantime). The fix is in the Mac App Store version, the Setapp version and the newly released direct version.

I've done a bit more investigation into this and people have said that this can be fixed by forcing curl (which Dropzone uses) to use HTTP 1.1. I think it's caused by some specific network configuration as another customer emailed me to say he was having this same issue and after he swapped out his router the issue went away.

I've made the change to force HTTP 1.1 and this will go out with Dropzone 4.0.9. I'm pretty optimistic this will resolve it. I'm in the middle of some other major development on the app though so it may be about a month before this update goes out. But try it again when 4.0.9 goes out and hopefully that will fix it.

Are you using a proxy? The Imgur action doesn't support proxies currently.

Just to update you on this, Dropzone 4.0.8 is now released on the Mac App Store and Setapp and fixes this issue.

Thanks for the report. I did make a change here and yes it has unfortunately broken dragging from Dock stacks under Catalina in 4.0.6.

4.0.7 is pending review with Apple already but I will roll out a fix for this in 4.0.8 in the next few days.

I've had a few people report this now, so it definitely warrants some further investigation.

Is this with Dropzone 4? Also, what macOS version? If you untick the 'Start Dropzone at login' checkbox in the preferences and re-tick it then reboot does it start? The way the launch at login works it wouldn't be expected to show under the user accounts login items section, so that's as expected.

It would also be great to see what Console log messages are being recorded. If it still doesn't start after unticking and re-ticking the 'Start Dropzone at login' checkbox then rebooting then would you mind opening Console.app which is in /Applications/Utilities and doing a search for 'Dropzone' and then unticking the 'Start Dropzone at login' checkbox and re-ticking it and then pasting me any relevant log messages. Thanks!