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Thank you


(2 replies, posted in Dropzone Support)

I see there is no upgrade path for Dropzone 2... but is there some sort of process I should follow? Do I need to delete and clean out Dropzone 2 first? Does it matter?

That worked for me. But I guess I was "missing the point"... I wanted to throw Office docs at it, and those are not printing out well.

I get the following error when I try to use the print command with a Word docx file:

The lp command was called with lp -d HP_LaserJet_P4014 "/tmp/Dropzone-Printing/blah.pdf" 2>&1 and returned lp: Error - unable to access "/tmp/Dropzone-Printing/blah.doc.pdf" - No such file or directory

I can see the intermediate HTML file (qlmanage-doc2pdf-tmp.html) is created, but the pdf isn't there, and the "PDF Creation Error" didn't show.

I tried dropping a png and a pdf file onto print, and they both worked, but an xlsx file also failed, so it appears to be an issue with Microsoft files.

Any ideas?