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It's ok this feature request is not priority. I'm a developer too and I know that It's too specific. But it's good to know that you put this in your queue.


I've been using Dropzone for a while and I have a request to make:

- I use Parallels Desktop for some tasks with Lion's Full Screen enabled. In Windows 8, the action of move the mouse cursor to right or left activates Win8 OS's functions;

- I use some tweaks with Parallels, like invert F1.. F12 keys with Functional Keys (Brightness, Music Control etc) using KeyRemap4MacBook only inside virtual machines / RDC;

- It would be nice to have a feature that enables/disables Circles only inside Parallels VM's or RDC;

- And, if integration is possible, to allow files dragged from VM's to be dropped in Dropzone's Circles;

Thanks in advance.

Carlos Gabriel Arpini