I am not a programmer, but I hope this is possible.

I am an avid user of Google's "search by image" functionality, in which you upload, paste a link to, or drop an image on the Google Image website, and it searches identical/similar images. Please see this page if any further introduction is needed: http://www.wikihow.com/Search-by-Image- … g_an_image

Would it be possible to create a Dropzone destination where you drag an image (or URI to an image into) and it looks for that page in Google Image Search? I suspect that the option to drop images on the page (option #3 on the wikihow page to which I linked above) might provide an entrance.

I am obviously willing to work on this myself, but I'd be very happy if somebody who has any ideas about this could help me get started,  tell me whether it's possible or not, or even create this EXTREMELY FUNCTIONAL ;-) destination for me...

Thanks everybody in advance! Hope this is not too niche-y...

John - That's great, thanks a lot for your help! You're going to save me hours of my time.
And it's really too much honor that you put me as the author ;-)

Hi, I don't want to sound impatient, but would you please help me? I believe the script I'm looking for may be a) very useful for many people and b) very easy to program for a programmer. The API, which was advertised as "easy" on the mac app store, is in fact rather complicated for non-programmers, I'm afraid to say, and the documentation isn't much help either...

John - thanks for your reply.
My script does sound pretty similar to Move File and Copy File but yes, the name-asking is crucial.
I did check out the script, and I tried to adapt it to fit my needs; however, as I have no experience with Ruby and very little with programming in general, I got stuck pretty quickly. This is how far I got (please don't laugh):


# Dropzone Destination Info
# Name: Rename & save to folder
# Description: Allows you to rename files and save them to a folder of your choice
# Handles: NSFilenamesPboardType
# Creator: Buster P. Keaton
# URL: http://www.notarealURI.com
# OptionsNIB: ChooseFolder

def dragged

output = `./CocoaDialog standard-inputbox --title "Rename File" --e --informative-text "Enter new name for this file (minus extension):"`

filename = output.split("\n")[1]
  $dz.begin("Copying file...")
  Rsync.do_copy($items, ENV['EXTRA_PATH'], false)
  $dz.finish("Copy Complete")

def clicked
  escaped_path = ENV['EXTRA_PATH'].gsub(/["`$\\]/){ |s| '\\' + s }
  system("open \"#{escaped_path}\"")

I have no idea how I would be able to tell the program to use the inputted text as the new filename...
Help would be very welcome! This script is more or less the reason why I bought Dropzone, and it turns out to be much harder to fix than I thought.

I tried making an action that accepts dragged files, opens a dialog window asking for a new filename, and then saves them to a specified folder, but I utterly failed. Is this something that is at all possible with Dropzone?