Topic: Drag direct from Chrome to Dropzone 3

Hi there - love the product, used it for years, but one major use case does not seem to be supported: i search for an image in Chrome using Google Image Search, then want to drag the image into Dropzone; it drags, drops on the drop bar, makes a click (implying it worked) but then... is not there.

IDK if it is browser sandboxing or some other issue, but is there a way to do this in one step? As of now it takes 3: 1) move some windows to reveal some space on desktop; 2) drag the image from Chrome onto the Mac (Mojave) desktop, then 3) drag it again from the desktop onto Dropzone - tedious rework.

Re: Drag direct from Chrome to Dropzone 3

Hmmm yeah I think this is an issue with the latest version of Google Chrome where files can no longer be dragged directly from the browser into Dropzone. It's on my TODO list to investigate and fix this.