Topic: Add clipboard contents to the Drop Bar


The workflow I'd like to enable is:

1. Take a screenshot (and have it copied to the clipboard)
2. Be able to drag and drop that screenshot into my application of choice (Slack, Asana, etc)

Is this possible to do with Dropzone? I looked at the API to create a custom action, but it seems that I'd need to copy the contents of the clipboard to the Drop Bar, but I don't see that exposed anywhere in the API.


Re: Add clipboard contents to the Drop Bar

This is a feature I've wanted to add for a long time - the ability to take a screenshot and then have it auto uploaded using a specified action. I will definitely try and add this at some point.

Also you're right there isn't a way to add to Drop Bar using the API currently. This has been requested many times and is now a priority item. Unfortunately there are a literal ton of other fixes I need to get out first but your feedback has been noted smile

Re: Add clipboard contents to the Drop Bar