Topic: Email icon Grayed out

My email icon is grayed out and when i click on it, it says Can't find the 'Email' underlying action file."

I think it worked when i started setting this new mac up a couple weeks ago. I am started to try to finish setting up dropzone and i noticed the email icon had ? mark over it and was grayed out.

I had no idea how to reinstall the email action file, so I just deleted drop zone and all related preferences and the problem is still there.

Re: Email icon Grayed out

Same here. I have just downloaded the non App Store version and it says the corresponding Email script can't be found, so I removed it, but the action on the web site seems to be only for the default apple mail client - I use Outlook.
Any ideas?

Re: Email icon Grayed out

The mail action will show in your add actions list (shown when you click the white plus in the top left of the Dropzone 3 grid) if you're using either or Mailplane as your default mail client.

If you're using another email client (such as Outlook) you can try adding your Mail client as an 'Open Application' action and that will usually let you just email a file.