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I have a problem with action: upload file to FTP with option key.

Error messages is here:
/Applications/Dropzone `upload': undefined method `each' for #<String:0x007fa6840dbee8> (
    from /Applications/Dropzone `do_upload'
    from /Applications/Dropzone Upload.dzbundle/action.rb:44:in `dragged'
    from /Applications/Dropzone `call'
    from /Applications/Dropzone `<main>'

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...and is it possible return the progress bar to the position like Dropbox 2? Thanks:)

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Thanks - This is a bug under Yosemite with the FTP action that I have just fixed. Please download this beta: …

Note that if you purchased on the Mac App Store and then download and run this beta version then it will detect you purchased on the Mac App Store already and register automatically. You can stay on this beta and you'll still receive auto-updates to future versions.

As far as the progress window goes, you can now see the upload progress in the status item during an upload. The floating window annoyed many users as it obscured windows and had issues in dual monitor configurations so is gone for good. I think the solution in Dropzone 3 is better, once you get used to it smile

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Hi John, thank you for your response. Now it works! But i need serial number for dropzone 3? I purchased in appstore by apple ID, is there any way to get serial number?

Thank you,

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Have just emailed you about this.