Topic: Problems with FTP - Does not upload

Hello Dropzone Support,

i have a problem with the FTP Upload. I enter all my details and click on Test connection. It works.
I save the ftp Upload and drag and drop something on it. It says uploading but nothing happens.

I wait a while and then i get this error:

FTP Upload Error
Operation timed out - connect(2)

Nothing has been uploaded. My FTP works with any other program.

Also the ftp upload seems to have a problem with Umlaute like äö etc.

Greetings and thanks for your help

Re: Problems with FTP - Does not upload

That's an odd one. Usually if the Test Connection succeeds I would expect uploading to succeed as well. Unfortunately troubleshooting this type of issue is usually a nightmare as there are so many different possible FTP server configurations.

Here are a few questions and points to consider:

1) Is this just a standard FTP server on port 21? FTP over SSL is not currently supported.
2) Are you using a proxy to connect to the internet?
3) Do you use firewall software such as LittleSnitch that could be blocking the connection?
4) Does your FTP server support FTP passive mode? Dropzone tries to connect with passive mode enabled.

Re: Problems with FTP - Does not upload

I got it working, thanks. It was a setting in my FTP:

Report external IP in passive mode smile