Topic: Dropzone 3 top row

Hello, first of all congratulations on shipping DropZone 3!

I immediately bought it, because I use DropZone 2 daily. Anyway, I have an unusual request: is it possible to disable (or remove) the top row completely? My DropZone workflow is that I drag stuff onto the menubar, and then downwards onto the action I want to use. The extra row at the top ensures I have to drag further now. I appreciate the extra functionality that it provides, but I'd rather not have it at all. I hope you understand.

Can I use the DropZone 2 "Install Application" action? Because I miss that one dearly.

Thanks for the great work!

Re: Dropzone 3 top row

Thanks! Glad you like it. Hiding the top row is a pretty common request - I will most likely add either a hidden default or a proper option to hide it in a future version.

And yes! The Install Application action has just been updated for Dropzone 3 smile
You can install that from here:

Note that this action requires the non-Mac App Store version of Dropzone 3 due to sandboxing restrictions. If you purchased the Mac App Store version you can download and install the non-Mac App Store version and it will be auto-registered using your Mac App Store receipt. You can download the non-MAS version from this page:

Re: Dropzone 3 top row

Thanks! I'm running the non-MAS version now. Makes sense that Apple wouldn't allow that. I'm glad to have that action back!

A hidden default would be fine with me. Thanks!