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I just bought Dropzone and am using it quite a bit but today drag & drop stopped working. Dragging a file over the dock icon does nothing. The only way to get it to work again was to completely reinstall. No big deal, I haven't put too much stuff in it yet. What happened? Also, why does the app move itself to my user folder when I want it in the main Applications folder? Thx!

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I'm still having this issue and finally decided to delete it altogether. Im tired of installing and reinstalling the app just to get it working again.

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Try Dropzone 2.0. Earlier versions of Dropzone could have issues like this due to having to use some hacks to integrate with the dock. Dropzone has now moved to the menubar.


Re: Drag & Drop stopped working

I can't get the drag and drop to work.  I follow the intro but it just doesn't not accept my drag and drops.  what could be wrong??

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Hi Phillippee,

Try reinstalling Dropzone. Steps below:

1) Close Dropzone by clicking the menu item and clicking the 'Quit' button.

2) Open the Terminal application located in /Applications/Utilities

3) Copy and paste this command: rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dropzone

4) And this command: rm -f ~/Library/Preferences/com.aptonic.Dropzone.plist

5) Goto your Applications folder and drag Dropzone to the trash.

6) Delete any zip files with Dropzone in it from your Downloads folder.

7) Reboot your Mac.

8) Now reinstall Dropzone either by clicking Install from the Purchases tab of the Mac App Store or by downloading a fresh copy from

Hope that helps, but if not open (it's in Applications/Utilities) and do a search for Dropzone and paste me any messages. Maybe there will be a clue in there that will help.