Topic: Upload to CloudApp

A user already submitted an extension that uploads files to DropBox but how about another that works with CloudApp?

Re: Upload to CloudApp

It could easily be done if CloudApp is AppleScriptable. I hardly see the need though, CloudApp has a keyboard shortcut that works just fine.

Feel free to contribute a script though wink

Re: Upload to CloudApp

CloudApp may very well have a keyboard shortcut but that requires their app to be installed. If Dropzone adds support for it (if possible) then that would eliminate the need of 'one more app for one more service'.

Re: Upload to CloudApp

I'm sorry for digging this thread out, but I started using Cloud a couple of weeks ago and think Dropzone would fit perfectly with it. That said, I also think other "cloud" providers are a good fit, like Droplr or the other one that I can't remember right now. Unfortunately I don't have time to tinker with the API by myself, so I would like to request that somebody else with more time on hand, can do this.