Topic: Parallels with Full Screen and Circles


I've been using Dropzone for a while and I have a request to make:

- I use Parallels Desktop for some tasks with Lion's Full Screen enabled. In Windows 8, the action of move the mouse cursor to right or left activates Win8 OS's functions;

- I use some tweaks with Parallels, like invert F1.. F12 keys with Functional Keys (Brightness, Music Control etc) using KeyRemap4MacBook only inside virtual machines / RDC;

- It would be nice to have a feature that enables/disables Circles only inside Parallels VM's or RDC;

- And, if integration is possible, to allow files dragged from VM's to be dropped in Dropzone's Circles;

Thanks in advance.

Carlos Gabriel Arpini

Re: Parallels with Full Screen and Circles

Thanks for the feedback Carlos. I use VMWare myself and will have to see if similar issues apply.

Will see what can be improved here in future versions although I'm sorry to say this isn't the highest current priority.

Re: Parallels with Full Screen and Circles

It's ok this feature request is not priority. I'm a developer too and I know that It's too specific. But it's good to know that you put this in your queue.