Topic: Dropbox Error 404

The URL generated by using the Dropbox extension does not link properly. It generates an Error 404. Have tested with five files from two different computers.

On a MacPro OS 10.6.8 with Dropbox 1.1.40 and DropZone 0.6

Re: Dropbox Error 404

Are you sure you entered the Dropbox UserID correctly?

Also, download the latest version of the Dropbox extension from (it was just updated) and then try resetting up the destination from scratch using the steps in this guide: … ropbox.php

Re: Dropbox Error 404

This Dropbox error seems to be because the URL copied to the clipboard needs https:// at the start instead of just http://.

If I manually get the public link for the file and paste it in to the browser it shows:

The URL copied from Dropzone shows: