Topic: DZ "action completed" messages take too long

hello. i'm really enjoying this new incarnation of DZ. however, the confirmation messages that pop up after an action is completed simply take too long.

call me a "power user" or whatever, but after i drop something onto DZ and i hear the confirmation sound (which is MUCH nicer now -- thanks!), i'm on to the next task. but 9 times out of 10, i find myself having to *wait* for DZ's confirmation message to disappear before i can move on.

i'm a keyboard-shortcut guy, so that's part of it. i don't waste time moving the cursor or reaching for a mouse. so, as soon as i've dropped something on DZ and i hear the confirmation sound, i'm on to invoke another action (via the mac keyboard). but i'll get the mac's standard "oops" (i.e. "error") sound -- sometimes twice in a row(!) -- while waiting for DZ's message to fade away.

please, PLEASE let us adjust the timing of that message. this is driving me insane. (by the way, i never, ever had this problem with DZ 0.x, which i used for 2-3 years. only last week did i upgrade, and my behaviors have not changed. this new version of DZ is simply *slower*.  :-)

[RELATED: sometimes i'm working on the sofa (reclining), with the computer on my chest, and i can't comfortably *see* DZ's "action completed" messages, because they're near the bottom of the screen. please give us the ability to move those messages to a location on the screen that suits us.]

Re: DZ "action completed" messages take too long

Glad you're liking the new version smile

I'm a bit mystified about the issue you've described. No timing with regards to the status window has changed from the old version. Only thing I can think of it that Dropzone maybe taking keyboard focus when displaying the status window which means the keyboard events goto that window rather than the one you meant.

I will look into that, but meanwhile you could try Cmd-Tabbing to the app you are trying to use after initiating a Dropzone action and see if that fixes it.

Regarding the status window position: you can move it wherever on the screen you want by dragging it around and the position will be remembered. You can also minimize it by double clicking on it - it will pop back up when the action completes.

Re: DZ "action completed" messages take too long

thanks for the reply.

yes, dropzone is taking keyboard focus while displaying the status window. that's why my keyboard shortcuts (such as command-w to close the current window) are unavailable until the status window goes away. but again -- this was not an issue with the previous version. this is new behavior with v2.

thanks for the suggestion, but command-tabbing isn't really an option. first, i generally have several apps open, so command-tabbing to the one i need would be cumbersome. also, by the time i do that, dropzone's status window would be gone anyway. we're really just talking a couple of seconds, but cumulatively, i'm having to wait for it over a hundred times a day, and it's frustrating. thanks for taking a look at this...

i hadn't tried moving the status window. i'll do that now.

thanks again.

Re: DZ "action completed" messages take too long

Ah, right. Well it's odd, because for me the status window isn't stealing focus like you say. I tried dropping a file onto the ImageShack destination. While it was uploading I was able to open and close new tabs in Chrome and close/open Finder windows.

What destination are you using when this happens? Also are you on OS X 10.6 or 10.7? Perhaps try rebooting and see if this still happens. There may be some other factor I'm missing.

Re: DZ "action completed" messages take too long

wow. i wasn't notified of your reply, here...

i'm using various folder destinations on my internal hard drive, and i'm running 10.7.3. rebooting has no effect.

after i drop an item on the desired folder, and after dropzone plays its confirmation sound, i'm unable to close safari tabs for approx. 4-5 seconds. in fact, if i attempt to close a safari tab too quickly, i get the mac's "error/alert" sound. on average, if i keep attempting repeatedly, i get the alert sound twice before i can successfully close the tab.

it's extremely frustrating. (in fact i came here tonight to ask if you'd found a solution, so it's even more frustrating to discover you had asked me additional questions, but i wasn't notified. i've checked my account settings, and i have properly subscribed to this thread. i hope it works properly, going forward.)

Re: DZ "action completed" messages take too long

Hmm, well I agree that is frustrating. If Dropzone did that for me I would definitely be annoyed. Unfortunately I can't reproduce it and nobody else has emailed me about this either.

Any chance you could record a quick screencast demonstrating the behavior? I might notice something different about how you're using it that gives me a clue as to why this might be happening.

Re: DZ "action completed" messages take too long

hey, john,

i downloaded a screencast app and have finally recorded a demonstration of the behavior i've been describing. i'm emailing it to support@[yourdomain].com.