Topic: TwitPic Destination Broken

Just wanted to let everyone know that the TwitPic destination is now throwing an error saying 'Invalid username or password' even when you have these set correctly. This is because the TwitPic API has changed significantly a short while ago.

I'm working on a solution to this but it will take a little time as Dropzone needs to implement OAuth authentication to work with the new API.

I will let you know when an update is out that fixes this.

Re: TwitPic Destination Broken

I had this same problem trying to get something working with curl and applescript, so I looked on the app store, found the Dropzone page where it said 'twitpic uploads'. So I bought it. You need to update your entry in the app store to reflect this.

All due respect and all but OAuth is common enough for it to be a fairly obvious omission, surely?


Re: TwitPic Destination Broken

Yep, sorry. I have fixed this now and will be submitting the updated version to the App Store very shortly. The update should be available in the Mac App Store in a week or two depending on the app review time.

Re: TwitPic Destination Broken

The update (Dropzone 2.3) has been submitted to the app store and is waiting for review by Apple. It should be available real soon.

Re: TwitPic Destination Broken

The update is now available on the Mac App Store.

TwitPic is now bundled with Dropzone so you no longer need to download the extension and install it separately. Simply go into the Preferences -> Add and then select TwitPic from the action drop down. You will then be asked to authorize TwitPic with Twitter.

Thanks for your patience and let me know if you have any problems.