Topic: Upgrade-attempt nightmare…

i've been a registered user for 3 years.

today i learned of v2, so i visited the web site to investigate an upgrade path. finding no info about upgrading, i inquired with aptonic via email, then thought i'd download and try v2 in the meantime.

unfortunately, upon launching v2 (which is supposed to run in trial mode for 15 days), the software immediately (and erroneously) stated that my trial period had *expired* and that i must now purchase the app to continue using it. it seems the app hasn't been programmed to recognize previously registered copies of the app (or something like that).

so, for now, i had no choice but to quit the app and return to v1 -- except now, when i launch v1 *all* of my carefully cultivated destinations (25 or so, complete with custom icons) are *gone*. nada. zip. zilch.

i trashed v2, restarted my computer, and launched v1 again. it required and accepted my previous serial number, but still, when i access the app -- all of my destinations are gone.

so, now, i can't even use v1 while waiting for a response re: upgrading to v2. needless to say, this is extremely frustrating... how do we rectify this?

Re: Upgrade-attempt nightmare…

Install v2 again from and then when it comes up saying your trial has expired put your old registration details in.

All customers who purchased an old version can use their existing license details to register the new version.

I think the destinations have gone missing because when you upgraded to v2 your database was automatically upgraded and earlier versions don't work with the new database format. When you upgrade to v2 they should all come back again.

Re: Upgrade-attempt nightmare…

that worked. thanks!