Topic: FTP upload with automated

Hello,  I was wondering if the ability to automatically shorten URLs (via the script) after the file was upload to your FTP serving using a dropzone is possible? Meaning, instead of having to drag the file to the grid (which copies a URL to the clipboard) then having to drag the respective URL to the grid to shorten it using -- is there a way to streamline this process.  Could you perhaps paste the two scripts together (ignorant to ruby) and get the process to work?  Thanks.

Re: FTP upload with automated

I've made you a modified version of the FTP Upload destination that uploads with FTP and then shortens the URL with like you say - download it from the link below: … y.dropzone

Before you double click on this destination to install it, you'll need to edit it with a text editor (TextEdit should work) and update the following two lines at the top:

$BITLY_USERNAME = "your-bitly-username"
$BITLY_API_KEY = "your-bitly-apikey"

You need to change your-bitly-username and your-bitly-apikey to the info you get from when you create an account. Then save the file, double click on the script to install it and put in your FTP details as normal.