Topic: Holding cell idea

Would be great to have a holding cell / circle of some type. Drag files to a circle and have it hold those files so you can access them again when using a full screen app. I actually thought the software did that. I guess I should have read more before I bought it.

Re: Holding cell idea

I'm thinking of adding this to a future version. It's definitely a cool idea.

Re: Holding cell idea

This is something I've been using for year in PathFinder and then more recently Yoink. Yoink does the job but it doesn't work by dragging a file onto the App icon so it doesn't work with my Dropzone workflow.

What does work is Fresh. Fresh does this and a few other things that are really handy and works superbly with Dropzone. It does add an extra step or two compared to Yoink or PathFinder though.