Topic: Dropzone install application folder issue

In Dropzone 0.3.3 we updated the install destination so it installs to the user Applications folder if it exists.
By default, you shouldn't have a user Applications folder. So applications should be installed by default to /Applications.

Since then, users tell me that Steam for Mac can cause a /Users/<username>/Applications folder to be created. Also, some users want to keep a /Users/<username>/Applications but still have most applications install to /Applications.

Based on this it looks like we will have to make the install path an option in a future version.

In the meantime, if you don't mind some manual hackery, you can fix this yourself:

Navigate into /Applications/Dropzone, right click on and click 'Show Package Contents' then go into Contents/Resources/Destination Scripts and open 'Install Application.dropzone' with your text editor. Change line 17 (the line that reads destination = InstallApp.install_destination) to:

destination = "/Applications/"

Save the file and then applications will be installed there in future.

Re: Dropzone install application folder issue

Note that there's now a preference in 2.0 to make Dropzone always install to the main Applications folder rather than the user Application folder so this hack is no longer required.

To get to the option, open the Preferences, select your Install Application destination and hit edit. The option should be ticked automatically. Now hit update and you should be good to go. Note that last step - you MUST hit update for the database to be updated, otherwise the option will not take effect.