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Just wondering if there's anyway to get the 'ZIP Files' action to zip in the same place as the original file instead of ZIP'ing them to a specific folder for all ZIP files? I tend to zip a lot of files but usually like to save them directly into the projects folders I'm working with at the time (which aren't permanently on my Mac or sometime move). I find it a little time consuming having to locate the ZIP in another folder and having them ZIP in place would be really helpful.

Also, is there anyway to add a shared volume or shared folder within a shared volume to DropZone? I tried this and when the Macs not connected to the shared volume it doesn't seem to want mount the volume (basically doesn't do anything). I was trying to setup a alias of a folder/volume in DropZone as a quick link for copying files (the volume requires a username and password to mount).

Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance.


Re: ZIP in place and shared volumes Dropzone 3

No problems - I have attached a modified version of the Zip Files action that zips in place rather than having to pre-select a destination folder. You can download this from here: …

Once you download, unzip it and then double click the extracted .dzbundle to add it to your grid. Then drag some files or a folder onto the action and a zip archive will be created with those files and/or folders in the same location with the provided name.

Regarding the shared folder issue, which kind of file share is this? Is this a volume shared from a windows machine?

Re: ZIP in place and shared volumes Dropzone 3

Hi John,

Thanks for tweaking the DropZone ZIP action for me.

In regards the shared folder, I'm using a Synology NAS which my Mac can connect to using either SMB or AFP but they do need a username and password before they can mount any share point on the desktop. Windows File Service, Mac File Service and NFS are all enabled with their default settings.

Is that any help?

Re: ZIP in place and shared volumes Dropzone 3

Thanks for the extra info. I will look at improving support for SMB and AFP in a future version. In the meantime you may be able to setup a script to run on login to mount these shares which would make them work Dropzone.