Topic: YouTube Failure

Anyone have this error when trying to link YouTube accounts?

Failed to retrieve token - [HTTPClient Error]: Expected status code in (200-299), got 400

You should email us about this at so we can investigate.

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Dito! Same behavior of YouTube Downloader on both Dropzone versions (3 & 4)

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Hey there, I've just tried to replicate this myself and linking YouTube accounts with the YouTube Uploader action seems to be working as expected for me. Would you mind checking if this is still a problem and if it is please post a screenshot of the error? Please let me know the Dropzone version you tested under and also whether it was the Mac App Store or non-Mac App Store version of Dropzone and also whether you're using a proxy.

That will help me hunt this down. Thanks.

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Hello, John

I second both earlier posters. Using YouTube Uploader 2.6 fails with the following output in the Debug Console of Dropzone 3.8.0 on Mavericks:

[Launching task with command line: runner.rb task-27234]

Task description file task-27234:

ACTION: "/Users/home/Library/Application Support/Dropzone 3/Actions/YouTube Uploader.dzbundle"
EVENT: "dragged"
VARIABLE: "access_token" "••••"
VARIABLE: "dragged_type" "files"
VARIABLE: "app_version" "3.8.0"
VARIABLE: "api_key" "••••"
VARIABLE: "expires_at" "1574882937"
VARIABLE: "refresh_token" "••••"
VARIABLE: "privacy" "Public"
VARIABLE: "support_folder" "/Users/home/Library/Application Support/Dropzone 3"
VARIABLE: "client_secret" "••••"
VARIABLE: "client_id" "••••"
VARIABLE: "https_proxy" "https://localhost:3128"
ITEMS: "/Users/home/Desktop/BrideGroom.mp4"

Determinate: 0
Begin_Message: Connecting to YouTube...
/Users/home/Library/Application Support/Dropzone 3/Actions/YouTube Uploader.dzbundle/youtube.rb:11:in `configure_client'
undefined method `send_timeout_sec=' for #<Google::Apis::ClientOptions:0x007feb93337328> (NoMethodError)    from /Users/home/Library/Application Support/Dropzone 3/Actions/YouTube Uploader.dzbundle/action.rb:22:in `dragged'
    from /Applications/Third Party Software/Other Utilities/Dropzone `call'
    from /Applications/Third Party Software/Other Utilities/Dropzone `<main>'

[Task completed]

When I use v2.1 it fails to upload with the authorization error although I can authorize both versions seamlessly during set-up.

Re: YouTube Failure

Please upgrade to Dropzone 4. This can't be fixed in Dropzone 3.