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Hi there - love the product, used it for years, but one major use case does not seem to be supported: i search for an image in Chrome using Google Image Search, then want to drag the image into Dropzone; it drags, drops on the drop bar, makes a click (implying it worked) but then... is not there.

IDK if it is browser sandboxing or some other issue, but is there a way to do this in one step? As of now it takes 3: 1) move some windows to reveal some space on desktop; 2) drag the image from Chrome onto the Mac (Mojave) desktop, then 3) drag it again from the desktop onto Dropzone - tedious rework.

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Hmmm yeah I think this is an issue with the latest version of Google Chrome where files can no longer be dragged directly from the browser into Dropzone. It's on my TODO list to investigate and fix this.

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Is there a solution? Because the same here with Google Chrome and Firefox. Safari is working well with dragging to Dropzone

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This isn't a thing anymore. It was a bug that was fixed years ago. Maybe try a reboot and if the issue persists please include a link to a video of this occurring.

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Of course it is. Please see the attached video.
This is a fresh installed system.

Another thing. Yesterday I signed up for your forum. And only I signed up yesterday. Since then, I've been getting tons of spam messages. Has anyone else observed that?

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From that video everything is working 100% as expected. You're trying to drop a textual URL onto a file based action. You could drop the URL on an action that handles text, such as the Shorten URL action but it doesn't make sense to try and drop text onto the downloads action.

And nope, no-one else has mentioned anything about getting spam after signing up to the forum. We hide email addresses of forum users anyway so there's noway anyone could get your email address from this forum.

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Oddly enough, this still works on Safari.

And it worked with Google at the early beginning when the computer was freshly installed (System, Google and Dropzone). When I finished installing my computer, it stopped working.

And if I drag the file / link first to the desktop and then drag it to a folder in Dropzone, then it works too.