Topic: Error - Update to 3.8.0

Hi Team,
Great job with Dropzone.

Since two days ago I am facing an issue about updating my version of Dropzone.

I have Dropzone 3.7.0 (I bought directly in the website, so no AppStore involved) and now it is offering me to update to 3.8.0, which is great and I did it.

The issue is that each time that I restart my computer, it is asking me again to install it. I guess, something is going wrong with the installation.

Could you please advise?

Thanks in advance,

Re: Error - Update to 3.8.0

Please try uninstalling and removing Dropzone 3 by using these steps:

Then download Dropzone 3 again from
And after unzipping the bundle, move this to your Applications folder and run it.

Re: Error - Update to 3.8.0

Works! smile

Thank you very much,