Topic: premium features in Dropzone4

I see DZ4 itself is free but there will be a $2/month subscription to use the "apps premium features" yet I can not find just what those features are.

Anyone? Or am I more feeble than I thought and have totally missed that information?!

Re: premium features in Dropzone4

Currently the free functionality (no subscription required) is:

-Move/Copy Files
-Open Applications
-Imgur Uploading
-Shorten URLs
-Drop Bar

And the paid functionality (subscription required) is:

-Access to and use of a growing library of cloud actions
-All app updates, including major ones, provided automatically
-Amazon S3 Uploading
-Google Drive uploading
-FTP Uploading
-Key triggers for actions
-Service hotkey to run action
-Developing your own actions

Or if you have a Setapp subscription then you can also get Dropzone 4 on there with all free and premium features above unlocked.

Hope that helps!

Re: premium features in Dropzone4

It does help. Thanks.