Topic: Lion

I've gone through the checklist and everything on my system is Lion ready - I'll probably upgrade the day it becomes available (now rumored to be the 14th).  The only app I'm unsure of is Dropzone.  Is it Lion ready now, and if not, when will it be?

I've added a page for it at if anyone wants to update the status.


Re: Lion

The Dropzone app itself seems to load fine in Lion, and seems to work okay.

Some people have been having problems with FTP so I'm not sure if all the functionality is working.  I don't use FTP, so I can't say if it works or not.  I utilize SFTP, and I urge others to do the same (instead of FTP):

Use the SCP Upload extension.  It works fine in Lion.

Re: Lion

I can confirm that Dropzone is now fully compatible with Lion.

There was an issue with FTP not working and a few other minor things but these have all been fixed now. Make sure you are running the latest version (currently 0.6).