Topic: UI status updates are slower than script

I've been working on a script that frequently updates the $dz.percent (about a dozen or more times), along with several $dz.begin messages. When dropping several files onto my custom destination, the status update from Dropzone freezes at some point before showing the final message (more files = more updates = better chance of freezes). I have double checked the script, and even run the Dropzone debugger. The script is running to completion correctly and the finish message is actually showing up in the debugger, but the UI never gets there.

I've looked at the dropzone.rb and runner.rb files to see if there was a forked thread I could wait for. Since there is not, and since it is the UI that freezes, I'm assuming the fork is on that end. My question is this: is there a way to tell my script to wait until the UI catches up? I don't care if this lengthens the time of the script - I'd just prefer the confirmation from the UI that the script is indeed completing as I expect (and as the debugger shows).

I suspect the problem is my aging computer ('06 iMac), but I can post the script if it would help. Thanks!

Re: UI status updates are slower than script


This is usually caused by sending output direct to Dropzone via ruby without going through the $dz methods. Your script is not allowed to produce **ANY** other output whatsoever except what is produced by the $dz methods.

The $dz methods wait for an acknowledgment from Dropzone before continuing. This is the only way to guarantee that Dropzone has had time to process each command.

Paste your script and I'll take a look.